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Laszlo Papp lpapp at
Wed Jul 25 21:59:49 BST 2012

Some of the content may be familiar from irc, but just for the record.

> This is basically a convenience makefile and is not part of the actual
> cmake build system (= it can be ignored). Following SaroEngels'
> suggestion, it has been renamed to GNUmakefile - this way it should only
> be executed by GNU make.

Yes. It is a bit inconsistent with the rest, but I do not mind, if you
need this to aid your work. You are the maintainer after all, so it
must be convenient for you. :)

> I mentioned this in my initial mail. find_package(LibKDEGames) does not
> work for trunk (find_package(KDEGames) does).
> Does everyone here use trunk? If yes, I will change this in the
> repository - let me know.

1) The current double check is in wrong order unless you have fixed
this after my mentioning. I think the fallback should be the old, and
the first citizen should be changed "cmake API".

2) I would suggest meaningful warning messages, if the old version is
found for some reasons. That might be unintentional from the person
trying to build.

>> 3) Do not use gcc specific compilation options, like /extra please. I
>> do not see the real need for that, but if you desperately need that,
>> use conditions...
> Thanks, these are now conditionally added (if (CMAKE_COMPILER_IS_GNUCXX)).

It is fine as well as the fix for the first point. Even if the
majority in KDE does not use this too much, you are the maintainer,
you decide about such details. :-)

> So it seems like cmake is unable to find kgdifficulty.h in your
> installation? As discussed in #kde-windows, I will be around later
> tonight to follow up on this.

Unsure, why this issue disappeared right now when I have tried to run,
but I cannot reproduce this issue anymore after the fresh git clone
and pull operations for kdegames and picmi.

I have just tried to run the binary from the command line, but a crash
happened for some reasons. Perhaps, the resource is not found.

KERNELBASE.dll!RaiseException() [[unknown] @ -1] at 0x75f7b727
MSVCR100.dll!CxxThrowException() [[unknown] @ -1] at 0x64617819
[c:\projects\picmi\src\gui\renderer.cpp @ 73] at 0xec028f
picmi.exe!GetCommandLineW() [[unknown] @ -1] at 0xed233d
picmi.exe!Renderer::Renderer() [c:\projects\picmi\src\gui\renderer.cpp
@ 46] at 0xec0566
picmi.exe!Renderer::instance() [c:\projects\picmi\src\gui\renderer.cpp
@ 161] at 0xec0865
picmi.exe!Scene::init() [c:\projects\picmi\src\gui\scene.cpp @ 130] at 0xebb7fe
picmi.exe!Scene::Scene() [c:\projects\picmi\src\gui\scene.cpp @ 27] at 0xebbbd6
picmi.exe!View::createScene() [c:\projects\picmi\src\gui\view.cpp @
47] at 0xeb6bca
[c:\projects\picmi\src\gui\mainwindow.cpp @ 228] at 0xeb564d
[c:\projects\picmi\src\gui\mainwindow.cpp @ 199] at 0xeb59f8
[c:\projects\picmi\src\gui\mainwindow.cpp @ 58] at 0xeb64da
picmi.exe!main() [c:\projects\picmi\src\main.cpp @ 43] at 0xeb1a65
[c:\kderoot\git\qt-4.8.2\src\winmain\qtmain_win.cpp @ 135] at 0xeb1125
[f:\dd\vctools\crt_bld\self_x86\crt\src\crtexe.c @ 547] at 0xecfc90
kernel32.dll!BaseThreadInitThunk() [[unknown] @ -1] at 0x75fd3677
ntdll.dll!RtlInitializeExceptionChain() [[unknown] @ -1] at 0x77649d72
ntdll.dll!RtlInitializeExceptionChain() [[unknown] @ -1] at 0x77649d45

Thank you for your collaboration, again!

Best Regards,
Laszlo Papp

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