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Jakob Gruber jakob.gruber at
Wed Jul 25 11:57:34 BST 2012

I spent this morning setting up KDE Windows (thanks SaroEngels for all
the help). The good news is that picmi
compiles and runs without any changes to the source code (mingw and KDE

I have not set up a build with MSVC or KDE trunk, so I can't say
anything about these yet.

On to specific issues below...

On 07/25/2012 07:10 AM, Laszlo Papp wrote:
> About picmi:
> 1) The makefile is a non-crossplatform specific file in the project
> root. I do not see much value in that file to be honest since it is
> practically a file to avoid a simple alias? I would like to get that
> either removed (my preference) or make cross-platform. NMake or
> preferrably Jom is used on Windows, but you would need to sort out the
> Mac compiler there and the like. I do not think it is worth it in
> comparison with the additional maintainance.

This is basically a convenience makefile and is not part of the actual
cmake build system (= it can be ignored). Following SaroEngels'
suggestion, it has been renamed to GNUmakefile - this way it should only
be executed by GNU make.

> 2) find_package(LibKDEGames REQUIRED) -> Broken on Windows. I have
> made a local alering to KDEGames, but I am unsure if that is the real
> fix. My arch box seems to install LibKDEGames.cmake, so probably not.
> Please unbreak this.

I mentioned this in my initial mail. find_package(LibKDEGames) does not
work for trunk (find_package(KDEGames) does).

Does everyone here use trunk? If yes, I will change this in the
repository - let me know.

> 3) Do not use gcc specific compilation options, like /extra please. I
> do not see the real need for that, but if you desperately need that,
> use conditions...

Thanks, these are now conditionally added (if (CMAKE_COMPILER_IS_GNUCXX)).

> 4) C:\Projects\picmi\src/settings.h(30) : fatal error C1083: Cannot
> open include file: 'kgamedifficulty.h': No such file or directory ->
> Something is wrong around the private libkdegames topic.

kgamedifficulty.h is only included if HAVE_KGDIFFICULTY is not set. In
turn, if you are running a recent version of libkdegames,
HAVE_KGDIFFICULTY should be set by

check_include_file_cxx(kgdifficulty.h HAVE_KGDIFFICULTY)


So it seems like cmake is unable to find kgdifficulty.h in your
installation? As discussed in #kde-windows, I will be around later
tonight to follow up on this.

However, I don't see 2) and 4) as much of an issue - if picmi is
accepted into the kdegames module, all support for the old libkdegames
classes will be removed anyway.

As always,
thanks for your time and effort,

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