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Laszlo Papp lpapp at
Wed Jul 25 10:17:47 BST 2012

> Sure, but you have to admit, that there is a subtle difference between Linux
> different versions and Linux vs. Windows.

I am just saying that, it can happen someone is unable to have an
access to Linux for some reasons. This is for instance the situation
at my company without finding workarounds. :-)

> The problem is that if the developer doesn't have access to the tools, all
> fixes will be done blindly. Doable, but not that easy and more error-prone.

Like I said, I can help with this special case, so it is not going to
be blind. :-)

> Mingw doesn't catch compiler msvc errors, the two compilers are different
> enough that having access to one doesn't guarntee the second will work.

Sure. I would personally be happy, if a person investigate about one
of them, already, according to the person's liking or not liking, but
I can understand the unwillingness as well at times.

> Re. tools I was thinking about the server itself (MS license), compiler tools
> (if you want anything more then the free compiler) and the rest.

I believe, most of us using msvc, use the free express edition. I have
not needed more so far while working on Qt or/and KDE Windows.

Best Regards,
Laszlo Papp

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