playground/games/picmi moved to KDE Review

Andras Mantia amantia at
Wed Jul 25 10:05:49 BST 2012

On Wednesday, July 25, 2012 09:49:46 AM Laszlo Papp wrote:
> >> Although, it is a bit more here than "does not work". It does even
> >> compile. :-)
> > 
> > The usual reason is that the developer doesn't even have a MS compiler or
> > Windows. And nobody can be forced to have one. ;)
> You could theoritically say the same for Linux (or certain softwares,
> versions etc). 

Sure, but you have to admit, that there is a subtle difference between Linux 
different versions and Linux vs. Windows. 

> I have just read my mail again, and I have written "I
> would not like to ..." and "I am here for helping with the issues".
> Sure, it can be integrated, but if it is integrated now without the
> fixes, it is likely there will not be much attention later, and now I
> am here for help. Unsure about later. :)

The best you can do here is that if you have access to Windows and a compiler 
and can build KDE there, just do it, and fix the issues yourself and 
> > It is not a problem you bring up the issues, but that shouldn't block the
> > app being moved from kdereview to another module (if it is accepted by
> > the module maintainer, there are not other problems with it).
> Sure. I am suggesting as of now. :) Jakob can take my suggestions to
> make this up and running on Windows with not so much effort.

The problem is that if the developer doesn't have access to the tools, all 
fixes will be done blindly. Doable, but not that easy and more error-prone. 

> > Yes, that would help, but somebody has to do the work, do the setup, buy
> > the MS tools, etc. Sincerely, I don't see th
> I believe, the last part of the sentence is missing, but there are

...that happening soon.

> already windows servers. Unsure what you mean by ms tools, but in an
> ideal world, even mingw should work. In fact, even when you
> cross-compile from Linux. :-)

Mingw doesn't catch compiler msvc errors, the two compilers are different 
enough that having access to one doesn't guarntee the second will work.

Re. tools I was thinking about the server itself (MS license), compiler tools 
(if you want anything more then the free compiler) and the rest. Don't ask me, 
I'm not a Windows person who knows what exactly needs to be bought for such a 


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