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Laszlo Papp lpapp at
Wed Jul 25 09:49:46 BST 2012

>> Although, it is a bit more here than "does not work". It does even
>> compile. :-)
> The usual reason is that the developer doesn't even have a MS compiler or
> Windows. And nobody can be forced to have one. ;)

You could theoritically say the same for Linux (or certain softwares,
versions etc). I have just read my mail again, and I have written "I
would not like to ..." and "I am here for helping with the issues".
Sure, it can be integrated, but if it is integrated now without the
fixes, it is likely there will not be much attention later, and now I
am here for help. Unsure about later. :)

> It is not a problem you bring up the issues, but that shouldn't block the app
> being moved from kdereview to another module (if it is accepted by the module
> maintainer, there are not other problems with it).

Sure. I am suggesting as of now. :) Jakob can take my suggestions to
make this up and running on Windows with not so much effort.

> Yes, that would help, but somebody has to do the work, do the setup, buy the
> MS tools, etc. Sincerely, I don't see th

I believe, the last part of the sentence is missing, but there are
already windows servers. Unsure what you mean by ms tools, but in an
ideal world, even mingw should work. In fact, even when you
cross-compile from Linux. :-)

A build server, like Jenkins, with Windows target could be a lot of
help. I am sure some of us could also provide remote access for build
checks. I do not see this a big problem, but yes the flow needs to

However, as for this special case, I am here for helping and patching,
if I can create one with my skills.

> I keep telling to Patrick to just use Linux, but he is hard headed, so he has
> to leave with the pain and fix our mess. ;)

I said small team, but it is not that small. There are others you need
to "brainwash". ;)

I can just speak up about the Download numbers Patrick and Patrick
mentioned during the aKademy talk, and it is not an insignificant
number. Meaning, many people use KDE on Windows, already.

Best Regards,
Laszlo Papp

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