playground/games/picmi moved to KDE Review

Raphael Kubo da Costa rakuco at
Fri Jul 20 23:02:01 BST 2012

Jakob Gruber <jakob.gruber at> writes:

> Building with KDE trunk will require the patch from

BTW, the "config.h" part of the patch should go in regardless of the
rest, as config.h should be the first header included by the source
files anyway.

I've committed a few CMake fixes, and the remaining remark I have is
about the -std=c++11 flag you pass to the compiler due to your usage of
std::shared_ptr (I didn't see if there are other C++11 features you are
making use of). Have you considered using Qt's pointer types instead? If
you decide to stick to shared_ptr, please make sure you describe which
compilers and versions are supposed to work correctly -- for example,
the base compiler on FreeBSD (and I think on OS X too) is gcc 4.2.1,
whose libstdc++ does not have std::shared_ptr.

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