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Am 01.07.2012 23:19, schrieb Chusslove Illich:
>>> [: Chusslove Illich :] I further argue that, if people who are
>>> accustomed to version control find web-something-thingy (such
>>> as wiki) optimal for their documentation writing workflow,
>>> something has gone horribly wrong;
>> [: Ingo Malchow :] Sorry, not sure i get you here. Do you mean a
>> certain location for version control? Because, wikis provide
>> version control since the beginning, and you can roll back to any
>> point if you wish.
> I mean: different location, different "VCS", over-the-web
> interaction with it, over-the-web source processing (i.e.
> "previewing", since nothing else is possible), and maybe even
> in-browser editing (though I can avoid at least that part, copy
> first to a proper editor).
> Doesn't something seem the slightest bit wrong here to you?
 Ok. then i got it right :D

But wrong, hmmm, no. Open source culture is all about diversity. And
it needs to be dealt with. Of course, one person prefers to edit
docbook, the other prefers wiki. One considers xml as binary data, the
other thinks xml is not geeky enough, etc...

But what really matters is, how can we improve the integration of all
those aspects. Like i said in a different mail, it is not about either
using one or the other, but maybe trying to improve the collaboration
or even merge of the existing solutions.

I prefer "Scrubs" over "Friends", but that doesn't make me an enemy of
the "Friends" episodes. The webteam tries to integrate a better water
carrier job since quite some time now, with not that much success
overall. And believe me, we are open to anything.  Stating wiki markup
is not what i like is not helpful. Stating what you would need is more
helpful. The markup is not a question, as i assume any dev should
easily be able to adapt.


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