KDE Frameworks 5: Rhythm

Kevin Ottens ervin at kde.org
Sat Jan 21 11:25:57 GMT 2012

Oyé oyé braves gens!

<speaking with my overall KDE Frameworks coordination role>

As presented at the end of 2011 we started introduce some tools in our wiki to 
improve visibility about the ongoing work. I'd say it's working out ok so far 
with that aim in mind.

Of course, Christmas and New Year came along and made us fat and slow... Still 
I won't let the dust settle. So, after the visibility improvement, here is the 
second aim of our wiki: rhythm. We now need to give some beat to the KF5 
development this beat is starting now.

There's three main reasons for this rhythm:
 * Qt 5.0 feature freeze is upon us now;
 * CMake 2.8.8 will be released in April;
 * it'd be nice to release KDE Frameworks 5.0 at Akademy[*].

To that effect we did some modifications to the active wiki pages:
 * Now we have one page per Qt version we want to target for pushing features 
in Qt, the Qt 5.0 page contains the really critical stuff we want to see 
 * The CMake and kdelibs splitting epics have now monthly goals, so features 
which have to be achieved by a given month if we want to meet the three 
targets mentionned above:

As you can see we set ambitious goals all around, so it's really your chance 
to get involved now, more people are definitely needed.

Now I'll add a few more words on the kdelibs splitting effort itself, for 
CMake and Qt Merge I'll let Alex and David cover that if they feel more is 

<speaking with my kdelibs splitting coordination role>

If you ever wanted to be involved in kdelibs but scared by the mountain of 
classes here is your chance! As you can see from the splitting kdelibs page 
we're still looking for maintainers:

We have maintainers for most of the frameworks of the february batch, but 
after that there's quite a few free seats left. So, if you're interested, 
volunteer to help us now, you'll need some time to get acquainted with the 
code so don't wait mid-march to tell me you'd like to maintain kguiaddons! 
Step up now! By the end of february we really need to have one person 
committed per frameworks if we want to reach the tentative target for 
releasing KDE Frameworks 5.0.

Also, if you feel like you're responsible for a given framework already but 
you can't find your name in front of it, then it would be my mistake, please 
get in touch with me as soon as possible!

Now, if your name is in front of a given framework, it's time for you to look 
at what's needed to be able to mark it done (there's a checklist on the 
splitting page), especially if you are part of the february iteration!

Finally, yes, we're aware that some frameworks are harder to maintain than 
others, don't worry we'll give you guidance to help you refine your choice if 
needed. But it's really not *that* scary, we got already a handful of 
newcomers doing an awesome job so far, and they almost didn't contribute to 
kdelibs at all previously.

Of course, questions and volunteers are welcome. :-)


[*] OK, I'm making that one up "after the facts". I looked at the amount of 
frameworks requiring splitting, and after grouping it looked really doable to 
have the whole lot achieved by the end of june. So Akademy wasn't my target 
initially but it's a very neat coincidence! :-)
Kévin Ottens, http://ervin.ipsquad.net

KDAB - proud patron of KDE, http://www.kdab.com
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