Review Request: Fix capacity text in places panel (and possibly unwanted spin-up behavior)

Christoph Feck christoph at
Thu Jan 12 16:42:20 GMT 2012

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Review request for Dolphin, kdelibs and Solid.


I only tried to fix the double/blurry text (bug 248062), but stumbled upon a possible reason for the unwanted spin-up behavior reported in the other bugs. According to the code, the KFreeDiskSpaceInfo object is queried even if we do not display the capacity bar.

The attached patch should fix it:
- the text is not faded at two positions, but moved between those two positions
- the KFreeDiskSpaceInfo object is only created if we indeed want to show the capacity bar

I tried to separate the patches for those two issues, but it was not possible.

Please review.

This addresses bugs 184449, 248062, 261552, 264487, and 268103.


  kfile/kfileplacesview.cpp 6a343b3 




Christoph Feck

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