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Daniel Nicoletti daniel_nic85 at
Wed Feb 22 17:38:13 GMT 2012

 >It's not a situation I understand or want, but the reality is we now have two competing colour management systems which are shipping in distro's. It's a situation I'll have to learn more about later from a Qt printing context, but for now rather than debate the rights and wrongs we need to think about supporting KDE users on Fedora, Red Hat, and any other distros that choose colord over oyranos. 
>All that is needed here right now, and all I believe Richard is asking help for, is for a KCM to configure colord. KDE is a community know for it's pragmatism and I think we need to be pragmatic here as it is not diverting significant resources or making deep changes, or expressing support for one or other solution. 
>I believe Alex Fiestas has expressed an interest in the past in developing a KCM so he might be a good starting point.

Sure, I think debating which solution is best won't take to any place, take init systems
for example, ubuntu has upstart, fedora has systemd, other ones legacy init though
most of them lack configuration though KDE.

I've been working with Richard since I started KPackageKit so we tend to understand each other,
I'll probably be helping him with this, last time I spoke with Alex he was also unsure about this matter,
but if he changes it's mind would be more than welcome :)

About colord not doing color correction it is true, it doesn't it's more like
a daemon that just sits there are provide color profiles, the app needs to
do the color correction, and here IMO it has a huge advantage, because
the toolkit/framework can decide which is best for it, giving freedom to apps,
even it they prefer to turn this off. Since depending on the application
you will not care to have the right color (imagine a terminal app...)

As Richard said Oyranos is doing all this by it self on the CPU so it
would act like a proxy between your application,
and the window manager which sounds like killing performance.
( I might have misunderstood but I can't see any other way of doing this)

Anyways I don't intend to increase the flames here just to point out
that I'm going to start on this, I don't have much time so if some new comers
are wiling for a from scratch job be welcome :D

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