From kdelibs4 to KDE frameworks... how to make KDE more cross platform...

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Tue Feb 14 17:20:58 GMT 2012

On Monday, February 13, 2012 17:51:23 Shaun Reich wrote:
> hate to chime in as well, but i think replacing the Windows shell
> should definitely be something that's looked at. imho it makes a lot
> of sense. face it, the Windows shell sucks.

how many windows users realistically change the shell, even though it's 
already possible now and such shells exist?

this is even smaller than the # of people who really dislike the windows 7 
shell THAT much.

compare with: how much effort is required to make this REALLY work well?

i'm not going to stand in people's way of working on this (because .. well .. 
i haven't so far ;) but if you do the math it's pretty evident that the 
work/reward ratio is microscopic.

if we just say, "nah. not a priority. don't plan around that eventuality" then 
it becomes far more evident that it is the applications that need to be 
focussed on.

and when we realize that the applications should be the _focus_, then we 
arrive at the conclusions of the original post in this thread :)

Aaron J. Seigo
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