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Shaun Reich shaun.reich at
Mon Feb 13 22:51:23 GMT 2012

hate to chime in as well, but i think replacing the Windows shell
should definitely be something that's looked at. imho it makes a lot
of sense. face it, the Windows shell sucks.

why are we replacing their apps and adding our own (dolphin kicking
explorer's butt)?

because the default ones are terrible.

honestly i see that as the point of running kde. whether or not it's
optional is something else, but it lets people who love kde, hate
windows, but are forced to use it (me especially)..have that much more
bearability(pft, what do you mean it isn't a word?).

just like we run apps in wine so that we don't have to boot out of our
precious kernels and workspaces and apps, the same should be equally
sought after.

if a non-linux "port" is going to be done at all -- do it all the way,
the right way, imho.

just go ahead and ask me about all of the annoyances that it really
brings on me -- honestly, i could rant on for days about flaws from
little to small that really make me loathe having to be in windows for
another second. the way i see it, KDE helps alleviate that, and plasma
is awesome (explorer is just a sad thing imho). and i'm certain there
are tons of other users who are forced to use windows because of apps
x y and z which aren't possible in a VM or wine.

while i'm not necessarily for the "port to windows", just because i
see it as sort of taking away the uniqueness of linux and leaving the
"why bother switching?"...but i also see the other side as well, and
appreciate the port.

kuiserver shouldn't be difficult to cut out of the picture. it just
requires mapping of e.g. the plasma dataengine directly to kio when
kuiserver is not going to be "enabled"..

Shaun Reich,
KDE Software Developer (

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