Setting up a Quality Team within KDE

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Wed Apr 11 16:56:32 BST 2012

On Wednesday 11 April 2012, Matthew Dawson wrote:
> On April 10, 2012 06:45:17 AM Laszlo Papp wrote:
> > >> That having said, CDash was designed with CMake in mind. We already
> > >> depend on CMake and CTest.
> > > 
> > > We actually do not depend on CTest, that is an optional tool, one can
> > > run the tests without ctest (in fact I've never used CTest on my
> > > machines).
> > 
> > I stand corrected, you are right about that. You can use "make test"
> > without getting involved with CTest.
> Actually, make test invokes CTest behind the scenes[1].  That being said,
> if we aren't uploading results anywhere, CTest only runs the test
> executables and offers nothing else (in this case).  If tomorrow we drop
> CMake/CTest, the tests would still run fine as is.

If you use ctest directly instead of building "make test", you get more 
features, mainly on selecting which tests you want to run.
E.g. you can dio ctest -R SomeRegExp to run only tests whose names match the 
given regular expression, or selecting tests by their numbers etc.
This is useful if you have a big number of tests and want to run only some of 
them, without having to manually go into the subdir or something like this.


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