startkde replacement

Ivan Cukic ivan.cukic at
Thu Oct 20 09:57:24 BST 2011


Just a matter of inquiry - is anybody working on a more modern 
implementation of startkde? And if yes, what is the status of the project.

For Plasma Active, we need something more event based - something like 
'wait for nepomuk to start before starting plasma', but start other things 
in the mean time and similar.

This is *not* a thread to be considered as:
- a systemd-related flamewar
- a discussion on how this should be done
- ...
- anything other than 'is anybody currently working on this'

If not, we will implement a program for a single specific use-case of PA 
(which might later prove to be useful for normal KDE software, but that is 
not going to be the primary goal at this stage)


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