Extending KZip class

David Faure faure at kde.org
Mon Oct 3 09:18:32 BST 2011

On Sunday 02 October 2011 21:06:34 Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Sunday, 2011-10-02, Θεόφιλος Ιντζόγλου wrote:
> > I'm trying to improve the karchive plugin of ark to have better support
> > for zip files but unfortunately there are some things missing from the
> > KZip class like support for encrypted archives and file deletion.
> > Should I create patches for the KZip/KArchive classes or just subclass
> > KZip class and do all the necessary changes locally?
> I think ideallly this would be done in the existing classes. However, there
> is currently a kind of freeze for features in kdelibs so you might have to
> work on that in a subclass of your own for the time being.
> But hopefully in a way that results in this extended functionality being
> part of the respective classes in KDE frameworks 5.

Well this can be done in kdelibs-frameworks right now.

You'll just have to also find a solution locally for your own app.

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