kdelibs 4.8? What to do about GENERIC_LIB_VERSION?

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Sun Oct 2 23:36:14 BST 2011


A lot of CMakeLists.txt use the ${GENERIC_LIB_VERSION} to set the so versioning of their libraries.
That variable is hard-coded in kdelibs/cmake/modules/KDE4Defaults.cmake

If we rely on kdelibs-4.7 for the KDE SC 4.8 release, then all the shared libraries using ${GENERIC_LIB_VERSION} will be still set to 4.7.  for example the kdepimlbs kcalcore library will be versioned to 4.7.0 instead of 4.8.0 in the KDE SC 4.8 release.

So... seems to me we will need a kdelibs 4.8 or perhaps we make kdelibs/cmake into a kde-buildsystem package

Personally, I'd like to see kdelibs master opened up again for bug fixes only.
Remind me again why we can't do that and just keep an eye that no new features get in?

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