The future of Power Management - together with Activities

Dario Freddi drf54321 at
Sun Oct 2 22:44:41 BST 2011

2011/10/2 Scott Kitterman <kde at>:
> On Sunday, October 02, 2011 09:28:42 PM Dario Freddi wrote:
>> No, sorry to say that again. There are two categories of people: those who
>> know what they are talking about and those who don't. Your understanding of
>> this categorization is coming from the fact that you didn't understand what
>> I am trying to advocate, and my argument about brightness was towards the
>> need of having a separate power profile.
> If everyone that doesn't agree with you is defined as ignorant, why did you
> even ask for feedback.

I would like to draw your attention to the address of this list. It
has a nice -devel prefix. I don´t take part in discussions where I am
not knowledgeable about the topic. So far the answers I got are among
this category.

 - I have never used those features,but I am voicing random crap about
changing them
 - I have a strong opinion I will keep stating, and refuse to answer
your replies about my concerns or reading what you wrote previously
and keep going on my line.

Seriously, has anybody answered my statements about brightness
vs.everything else and creating profiles vs. creating activities?

> Several times you have accused people of not reading what you wrote and that
> if we would only read it and understand it, we would agree with (or else we
> are ignorant).

Nice way of turning my words around

>  If you're just going to engage in argument by authority with
> any disagreement, there's no point in a dialogue.

If you don´t listen to what I have to say, there is no dialogue at
all. Why don´t you read this thread from the start and draw the
conclusion? I am not the only crazy guy who´s saying this thread is
making no sense.

> I'm done with this thread.  Don't take the lack of further replies as
> agreement.

If that is your way of saying ¨instead of starting a constructive
dialogue, I will simply shut my ears and accuse the other part of
being arrogant¨, it´s indeed easier. Good move.

> Scott K

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