Requesting freeze exception for JtG

Richard Moore richmoore44 at
Tue Nov 22 21:58:50 GMT 2011

I've read over the code changes for this, and it seems to be quite a
bit more invasive than a simple addition to the about dialog:

1) Changes to ui_standards.rc

This is a high-risk change. It affects every application that uses
XMLGUI and KParts plugins. I did quite a lot of work in this area in
KDE 3.x and I know that changes to this file could have a lot of
knock-on effects regarding gui merging at the time. I don't know if
this is still the case, but it's a big concern IMHO.

2) Addition of strings and keyboard shortcuts

This is basically addressed by the request to break the string freeze.

3) Maturity of the code

This code according to git is less than a day old. How much testing has it seen?

I really don't see that this code can be accepted as-is. A simpler
change like adding a join the game tab to the about dialog would be
much less invasive, has this been considered? If so, why was it



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