Review Request: Pretty resize of RenameDialog according to its content

Rolf Eike Beer kde at
Thu Nov 17 08:25:43 GMT 2011

> Several small fixes to allow RenameDialog form and its widgets resize
> itself according to extra information gathered for source and destination
> items.
> Without these fixes RenameDialog in common case appears as shown on
> screenshot 1 (without preview for files) and 2 (without preview for
> files). After the fixes it looks like on screenshot 3 and 4. Screen size
> is respected correctly, if space doesn't allow, scrollbars appears in
> scroll areas as before.

Yes, please. This is how this dialog should look like. Awesome.

> Quite thoroughly tested in case of preview and no preview, all the Qt
> layout issues are tested and seem to be OK.

One could say the current behaviour is not only ugly, but a bug. Then this
could go into 4.7.

+1 from me


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