Review Request: Pretty resize of RenameDialog according to its content

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Thu Nov 17 18:18:51 GMT 2011

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(Updated Nov. 17, 2011, 6:18 p.m.)

Review request for kdelibs.


Several small fixes to allow RenameDialog form and its widgets resize itself according to extra information gathered for source and destination items.

Without these fixes RenameDialog in common case appears as shown on screenshot 1 (without preview for files) and 2 (without preview for files). After the fixes it looks like on screenshot 3 and 4. Screen size is respected correctly, if space doesn't allow, scrollbars appears in scroll areas as before.

What's done:
- private class contains a couple of new members to save some data between methods
- new private slot resizePanels() added to resize information scroll area after metadata for items is fetched
- preview jobs are created not at once but at the moment when metadata is fetched and the width of scroll areas is defined, it allows to render a little bigger preview to fit to size of metadata

And one question: where should I push changes instead of 'master' branch e.g. to have them merged in 4.8? They seem to be rejected for master now.

This addresses bug 265657.


  kio/kio/renamedialog.h ddd3338ad14911808d728b359e568c1436912096 
  kio/kio/renamedialog.cpp b4cb5656d568da93e28bb56df04501600cc2364f 



Quite thoroughly tested in case of preview and no preview, all the Qt layout issues are tested and seem to be OK.


RenameDialog (no file preview) without the patch
RenameDialog (with file preview) without the patch
RenameDialog (no file preview) with the patch
RenameDialog (with file preview) with the patch


Alexey Chernov

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