I have ALL MOUSE BUTTONS WORKING for xcb and xlib :)) on qt5

todd rme toddrme2178 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 09:50:05 GMT 2011

On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 12:41 AM, Rick Stockton
<rickstockton at reno-computerhelp.com> wrote:
> My thanks to you, MGrasslin, Aaron, Todd rme, and Thiago for coaching me
> towards this achievement. The new code is small, and VERY simple. We have no
> API changes (at least, not yet--- we should implement a mouse button mask
> "getter" as a new feature, but that's for later in the 5.x series. It won't
> have any BC issues.) I will need to write doco of the new Qt::MouseButton
> values, and others will need to translate that material.
> My "qt5_MouseButtonTester" is a QTextEdit window, with Mouse events
> (Click/Release/DoubleClick) extended to show some qDebug() on the parent
> console. Basically, it's an "xev" program for Mouse Buttons in Qt. This
> tester, on Qt::MouseButton events, translates the button value back into the
> raw X11 number. I verified the button locations on my mouse to be correct,
> using xev itself.
> My mouse has "only" 14 buttons, plus the tilt wheel, for a total of 18. I
> know that the Razr 'Naga' has even more, but it's too small for my hand.
> (And the one I've got cost me enough money, already.) The logic works for up
> to 31 "button numbers", with 4-7 taken for the four possible directions of
> wheel motion. Just for fun, here's my output from clicking the buttons in
> order. I did perform a few DoubleClick events during the test:
> rick at x2:~/qt_projects/qt5_MouseButtonTester> qt5_MouseButtonTester
> No platform plugin argument was specified, defaulting to "xcb".
> Successfully connected to display :0
> Information of screen 346:
>   width.........: 1920
>   height........: 1200
>   depth.........: 24
>   white pixel...: ffffff
>   black pixel...: 0
> Running window manager: KWin
> MousePress: button  1
> MouseRelease:
> MousePress: button  2
> MouseRelease:
> MousePress: button  3
> Mouse Wheel Event: UP
> Mouse Wheel Event: DOWN
> Mouse Wheel Event: LEFT
> Mouse Wheel Event: RIGHT
> MousePress: button  8
> MouseRelease:
> MousePress: button  9
> MouseRelease:
> Mouse DoubleClick:
> MousePress: button  10
> MouseRelease:
> MousePress: button  11
> MouseRelease:
> Mouse DoubleClick:
> MousePress: button  12
> MouseRelease:
> MousePress: button  13
> MouseRelease:
> Mouse DoubleClick:
> MousePress: button  14
> MouseRelease:
> rick at x2:~/qt_projects/qt5_MouseButtonTester>
> xlib runs the same, as far as my mouse buttons are concerned. But the App
> Window fails to repaint when I move it, or when I resize it. I'll SWAG that
> we've got an issue there, not the fault of kwin 4.6.5. (I can try running it
> from another User in which my desktop is fresh kwin 4.8-pre from GIT, if you
> think that the WM should be getting the blame for this behavior. Let me know
> on that, thanks.
> - - - - -
> qnamespace.h:
>      (The expanded enum/flags is prerequisite for all other code changes).
> DOCO IS NEEDED, I can write it in En-US.
> qguiapplication.cpp:
>      (This contains a redundant check on button numbers being passed up from
> plugins. I made a one-line change, upping the high-limit to be
> 'Qt::Button31'.)
> qxlibwindow.cpp, qxcbwindow:
>      (I added cases to the ev->button 'switch' block, for all of the new
> buttons. In this file, and qxcbwindow.cpp, I also eliminated an unnecessary
> multiply in the calculation of 'delta' -- simply setting values 120 : -120
> as the hard-coded results of the "?" operator (rather than multiplying 120
> *  .... ? 1: -1).
> Should we do them all as one update, or do xlib first -- and add the more
> widely used xcb as a separate update, after the first one is found NOT to
> cause regression test failures over the next weekend? (BTW, I don't know how
> to do the Git Clone and Request procedure, and I'm a slow learner-- it would
> REALLY be better if I simply emailed these files to you.) Changes are public
> domain, of course - I think that I've already certified acceptance of the Qt
> license exceptions for my Contributions.
> - - - - - - -
> Now, for Wayland:
> I can create alternate UserIDs on my PC, of course. But the plugin fails to
> compile, issuing the following message:
> .....   -o qwaylandinputdevice.o qwaylandinputdevice.cpp
> qwaylandinputdevice.cpp:527:1: error: too many initializers for ‘const
> wl_input_device_listener’
> make: *** [qwaylandinputdevice.o] Error 1
> Not a missing library or header, my hand-edit of the Makefile was correct. I
> suspect that this results from my use of a fresh 'Pull' of Wayland, per the
> README instructions. I don't have time for this one (and I'm a slow
> learner), can you or another 'Grandmaster' take care of it?

Great to hear!  This will really improve Qt and KDE a lot.  Thank you
very much for all of your work.


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