Review Request: Provide extra options for date keyword display in KDateComboBox

David Jarvie djarvie at
Thu Nov 10 00:36:23 GMT 2011

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Review request for kdelibs and John Layt.


KDateComboBox provides the option to display a list of date keywords with the date picker popup. These keywords currently show dates in the past, present and future, together with a "no date" item. The "no date" item is a particular problem since not only is it redundant - since there is already a button in the line edit to clear the date value - but I suspect that many applications will not accept a blank date as valid input.

This patch adds two new enum values to allow applications to select which of these date keywords are displayed: one enum value shows the "no date" item which is now not shown by default, and another enum value hides dates in the past.

Currently in KAlarm, which I maintain, the display of date keywords is disabled because dates in the past and blank dates are not valid values to enter, and it would be confusing to users to offer them as options. This patch will make it possible to display only present and future date keywords, which will enable it to make use of date keywords.


  kdeui/widgets/kdatecombobox.h 63bf52f 
  kdeui/widgets/kdatecombobox.cpp fc239bc 



Tested in KAlarm.


David Jarvie

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