Git Worflow, branch creation.

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Thu May 19 10:44:59 BST 2011

Ben Cooksley wrote:

> Second you are heavily advocating rebasing. This shouldn't be done in
> public repositories as it:
> - Inflates the size of the repository.

I thought git gc which runs periodically would mean that the repo size is 
not inflated?

> - Requires some Git magic to recover if the branch you are currently
> using gets force pushed.
> - Is detected as new commits by the hooks, which if you were to
> operate in the main repository would cause re-notification of commits.
> If you were to continue with your current workflow, then you would
> likely need the assistance of Sysadmin everytime you wanted to merge a
> significant feature which comprises of more than 100 commits into the
> main repository.

Do wee have any information about feature branches of 100 commits? When KDE 
developers push local branches how many commits are on them? Do we have 
numbers about that?

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