Git Worflow, branch creation.

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Thu May 19 09:05:27 BST 2011

On Thursday 19 May 2011 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> low

Wow. This is a pretty complex workflow, and it's breaking with quite some 
practices KDE used to use for a very long time. We have to make sure that we 
don't leave developers behind with such a drastic change.

The approach of having one central repository and all committers being equal 
has served us well. Maybe it's time to move forward to a different model, but 
I think this should be done with care, and without changing more than needed. 
A lot of this is about semantics and how to name things, not necessarily about 
technical processes. For example, if master is the stable branch or a release 
branch doesn't make a big difference technically, but it might affect our 
development culture quite a bit.

This needs to be discussed. I'm looking forward to the upcoming face-to-face 
meetings, but we should also have a wider discussion, as this is affecting 
many more people than those who will have the opportunity to be at these 

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