Qt5 -> KDE5?

Maksim Orlovich mo85 at cornell.edu
Mon May 9 17:27:14 BST 2011

I am probably being a bit selfish here, but I don't see how we can
ever build on a toolkit that requires OpenGL ES2.0 level hardware.
That would leave many machines that currently run KDE4 solidly (e.g.
my laptop) unable to run KDE5 for no good reason. I doubt it's the
only one out there with a laptop with decent CPU and memory specs and
lousy graphics card.

On 5/9/11, Ivan Čukić <ivan.cukic at kde.org> wrote:
>>  - It should be mostly source compatible with Qt4, and is just an
>> opportunity
>> to break binary compatibility.
> Well, even if we do nothing, we are breaking ABI. So, from my point of
> view, this is a perfect time to do some API cleanup (all those
> deprecated methods, faking virtuals with slots etc.)
>>  - QWidget just stay for compatibility. All focus is put on QML. Do not
>> expect
>> new development on QWidgets from Nokia.
> Which doesn't mean there will be no development at all. I guess others
> (and us) will continue developing those classes since (1) they are way
> more mature than qml (2) a lot of code is written above them.
>>  - Do we want "KDE 5" to be a big change, or just a small increment?
> Do we need a big change? I don't think so - we are already fantastic :)
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