Request: Inclusion of kio-upnp-ms to kde-runtime KIO slaves

Nikhil Marathe nsm.nikhil at
Mon May 9 09:12:03 BST 2011

On Sat, May 7, 2011 at 5:21 PM, Friedrich W. H. Kossebau
<kossebau at> wrote:
> * Needed in toplevel CMakeLists.txt so FindHUpnp.cmake is found (might stop
> people giving it a try):

FindHUpnp.cmake is already in kdelibs/cmake. So I don't think this is required.

> * As there is no docu yet, this line should be removed in
> kio_upnp_ms.protocol:
> DocPath=kioslave/kio_upnp_ms.html

> * upnptypes.h better is renamed to upnp-ms-types.h or similar

> * renamed upnptypes.h also would be added to kdelibs, as kde-runtime should
> not be a compile-time dep. And then ideally merged into kio/udsentry.h, like
> e.g. the Nepomuk ones are already

How should I approach this? Should I create a separate review request
for the UDSEntry addition
later, or should I do it now? Will this break binary compatibility?
The compile time dependency is only for programs which will treat UPnP
as special, and not normal kioslave users who use them via the Job interface.


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