Request: Inclusion of kio-upnp-ms to kde-runtime KIO slaves

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Sat May 7 12:51:18 BST 2011

Hi Nikhil,

Mardi, le 26 avril 2011, à 14:53, Nikhil Marathe a écrit:
> KDE SC 4.7 soft feature freeze is close, and I would like to propose
> the UPnP MediaServer KIO slave
> ( be
> included into the set of kio slaves shipped with kde-runtime. The
> slave was created as part of GSoC 2010 - Amarok and KDE UPnP support
> and it was decided that it should be merged into kde-runtime at some
> point.

Looking forward to that!
Having all the KIO-supporting code being able to access what is stored on 
those UPnP mediaservers should make a few people happy!
> My exams get over this week and I can ensure that krazy checks pass
> and the code is cleaned up some more.
> There is inline documentation where required, and the search and
> browse API documentation exists. There is no user
> manual since it is a slave. I am confident about having it ready by
> hard feature freeze.

Hope you are satisfied with your exams, now here are some quick comments on 
the current master:

* Needed in toplevel CMakeLists.txt so FindHUpnp.cmake is found (might stop 
people giving it a try):
* As there is no docu yet, this line should be removed in 
* But then you might want to add a short docu about this protocol :)
* upnptypes.h better is renamed to upnp-ms-types.h or similar
* renamed upnptypes.h also would be added to kdelibs, as kde-runtime should 
not be a compile-time dep. And then ideally merged into kio/udsentry.h, like 
e.g. the Nepomuk ones are already

Have not looked more closely on the actual code, so no comment from me on that 
for now.

Any plans for supporting writing?

Hoping to see your merge request for kio-upnp-ms popping up soon,
Desktop Summit 2011 - Berlin, Germany - August 6-12th -

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