OpenPrinting Summit - Print Dialog and Colour Management

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at
Thu Mar 17 06:30:50 GMT 2011

Am 17.03.11, 00:27 +0100 schrieb Christoph Feck:
> On Wednesday 16 March 2011 18:44:31 John Layt wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'll be attending the OpenPrinting Summit [1] to discuss how to complete
>> the Common Printing Dialog [2] and integrate it into KDE and Qt.  I'm
>> looking for any feedback people may have about the CPD, and any
>> questions you want me to ask while I'm there.
> Many thanks, John, for never giving up with improved printing in KDE!
> There a two main issues I see with the current approach of the CPD, and if
> possible, you could bring them up in the discussion.
> First, regarding the "common" part of the printing dialog, I hope that using a
> common denominator of features offered in all operating systems does not
> reduce the feature set again; we already went through it. (I guess you know
> the existing bug reports. It boils down to the major feature loss that we got
> when killing KDE 3.x printing system.)
> The new printing dialog should not be shy on options, such as pamphlet
> printing, customizable filters, and (most importantly) application specific
> options with the ability to allow saving settings in global or application
> specific profiles.
> The second concern is about the D-Bus API. I hope that it will still be
> possible to get a fast in-application preview with it when using the native
> API.
> For example, I love how the current Qt printing preview dialog just copies
> image pointers in the QtPrinter painting engine, so that the preview renders
> literally the same images as the application has in memory, without copying
> the actual data. The Qt printing preview is also very fast in scrolling and
> zooming, I doubt it would be possible with a program that effectively "just"
> tries to parse PostScript or PDF printer files just to generate the preview.
>> Also on the agenda is integrated end-to-end Colour Management possibly
>> using colord [4], something I know absolutly nothing about, so any
>> feedback or suggestions people have on that will be very welcome.  For
>> starters the dependencies for colord are glib and policykit.
> Kai-Uwe Behrmann (maintainer of KDE color management applications) can
> help you here. Grab him on and make sure he attends
> the meeting ;)

It would be really cool to have joined you to talk about colour 
management with KDE. However I am very likely to be swamped with work 
during this time.

With the help of OpenICC[1] some work has been done inside the Oyranos 
project about printing. The Kolor Manager configuration panel[2] shows 
some of these. It would be cool for CPD to deploy Oyranos device ICC 
profile configuration to create a good user experience. I am about 
preparing some schematic diagrams, which can give some condensed input 
from the latest OpenICC discussions around linux colour managed printing.

kind regards
Kai-Uwe Behrmann
developing for colour management +


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