Releases of the thing that was KDE

Nicolas Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at
Tue Jun 7 01:07:26 BST 2011

Scott Kitterman wrote:
> New thread as requested.
> I've been told on IRC that we will still have an integrated release of
> what used to be KDE (I've no clue what to call it now since I think I read
> KDE SC was deprecated).
> All I see in the messaging from the platform sprint seems to be about
> further deconstruction and decentralization.
> The KDE 4.7 beta 1 tarballs are an inconsistent mess that clearly weren't
> coherently thought out (don't get me started about modules thinking it'd
> be a
> great idea to split tarballs in 4.6.3).  [to be clear, I'm not against
> splitting, I'd just like it to be planned out and done consistently, once
> so we don't have to redo packaging multiple times].

What module split tarballs in 4.6.3? I thought tarball layout remained fixed 
throughout 4.6.


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