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Tue Jun 7 00:09:44 BST 2011

John Layt <johnlayt at> wrote:

>On 6 June 2011 23:36, Scott Kitterman <kde at> wrote:
>> I get we need to modularize for a number of important reasons, but I
>> see
>> the companion story for how this all gets released as something
>> and
>> functional.
>> Where's that part of the story?
>> Scott K
>From Sebas' email:
>What does it mean for packagers?
>* We make it possible to ship our frameworks in a more modular way
>* We also plan to provide "monolithic tarballs" much as we do now,
> on the needs and preferences of downstreams
>An email will follow from the people who participated in the Build and
>Release work group on how they plan to make this work, please wait for
>to report back.

Fair enough. It might be helpful if someone who knows what topics are yet to come would provide a list. I don't recall this build and release work group being mentioned (I may have missed it).  It's much easier to step back and wait for something you know is coming.

Scott K
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