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Tue Jun 7 00:02:28 BST 2011

On 6 June 2011 23:36, Scott Kitterman <kde at> wrote:
> I get we need to modularize for a number of important reasons, but I don't
> see
> the companion story for how this all gets released as something coherent
> and
> functional.
> Where's that part of the story?
> Scott K

>From Sebas' email:

What does it mean for packagers?

* We make it possible to ship our frameworks in a more modular way
* We also plan to provide "monolithic tarballs" much as we do now, depending
 on the needs and preferences of downstreams
An email will follow from the people who participated in the Build and
Release work group on how they plan to make this work, please wait for them
to report back.

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