Request: Inclusion of kio-upnp-ms to kde-runtime KIO slaves

Nikhil Marathe nsm.nikhil at
Thu Jun 2 23:07:49 BST 2011

On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 2:39 PM, Friedrich W. H. Kossebau
<kossebau at> wrote:
> Hi,
> (all follow-ups only to kde-core-devel please, copying also amarok-devel this
> time to get your attention and comments, amarokers)
> guess you are still heavily occupied by more important things, Nikhil :)
> Still  I think it would be good to have the upnp-ms kio-slave as part of the
> SC 4.7 release, for now in extragear, not kde-runtime, given the state in the
> release cycle (can move to kde-runtime for 4.8).
> If you can share a minute please tell if you are okay with me pushing to get
> your kio-slave into extragear, so it still can be officially part of SC 4.7
Yes sorry about that. I'm starting to discover that giving time for
FOSS after coding for 7-8 hours
on other FOSS (Mozilla) is hard :)

Yes, the slave does not need major changes anymore, and I would not
mind a push to extragear.

> @Amarok people: So since 2.4.0 Amarok makes use of the upnp-ms kio-slave,
> right? Can you tell which distros already ship it?
> And do you make use of that kio-slave's upnptypes.h, which has been renamed to
> upnp-ms-types.h now? How is integration exactly done, what are the
> dependencies, how do you detect the kio-slave?

So that code was written by me too.
The amarok code ships its own copy of upnptypes.h which is called upnptypes.h.
There are no external compile time dependencies, the UPnP collection
is always compiled.
At runtime, it simply tries to load a upnp-ms:// URL for every device
that Cagibi reports.
If it fails, no collection is added.

>> From what grep tells me, there are only three strings to be translated (and
>> some more in the tests, but I do think you can/should remove i18n from
>> there, testers usually don't need/want translated strings), and only for
>> errors, so translators (and users) might be okay with an exception here.
>> <snipped content="comments on code optimizations" />
> Just pushed a branch "codeOptimization" with my proposals for those
> optimization. If you find time, please give it a review and comment on it or
> merge it to master, Nikhil :)
> Adding the FindHUpnp.cmake is needed, as kdelibs does not install them, so
> kio-upnp-ms needs a copy.

Thanks for the changes, I'll take a look.


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