Initial support for kde_projects.xml in kdesrc-build

Michael Pyne mpyne at
Mon Jan 31 06:09:20 GMT 2011

Hi all,

Just a quick email as I'm already late getting to bed, but I just wanted to 
let you know (in case you're interested) that I've just committed initial 
support for the kde_projects.xml database to kdesrc-build (in git; xml-support 

It requires using a "use-xml-modules" option in a module-set (where you'd use 
the existing use-modules option).


    use-xml-modules kdebindings krita-extensions konsole
end module-set

since the repository information for an XML module is encoded as part of the 
XML there's really not much else to configure as far as finding the git 
repositories goes. Other options can still be set as normal.

If a module doesn't show up where you expect in your kdesrc-build --pretend 
output, make sure you didn't already have it buried somewhere :P
(e.g. that konsole example I gave doesn't show up on my system, since it was 
already being built earlier).

Whatever identifier you give is searched in the XML tags module, component and 
project, and repositories are recursively found from there. One exception is 
that if the component or module contains both its own repo, and other children 
with repos, the <repo> which is a direct child is preferred, and the 
childrens' repos are all ignored. (I think this is desired behavior with 
calligra, unless the calligra repo is essentially empty, I haven't had time to 
delve into that).

There is no dependency tracking. There is a repo setup for that kind of 
metadata so it will work well enough someday, but until then modules are built 
in the order that they show up in the XML.

I also haven't coded in warnings for module identifiers that are not unique in 
the XML. If there are non-unique identifiers and you try to build it, your 
guess on the module that actually gets built is probably as good as mine. If 
this makes you wary, you should be able to specify a full path just fine (e.g. 
kde/kdebindings, extragear/utils/kdesrc-build, etc.)

My "roadmap" such as it is, is that when this all works well enough, to move 
effectively all defaults regarding what modules to build to the build-setup 
repo I was referring to earlier, and then changing the defaults there should 
in theory continuously update the defaults for deployed kdesrc-builds. There 
would also be some mechanism to instead have an exact configuration like you 
can do now.

Like I said, "xml-support" branch on kdesrc-build git. If you want to give it 
a shot I'd appreciate it, if not that's fine too. Do keep in mind that I will 
be once again extraordinarily busy over the working week so if I horribly 
broke something I may not be able to fix it til the weekend.

Happy building!

 - Michael Pyne
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