kparts/genericfactory: deprecated or not?

David Faure faure at
Thu Jan 13 11:24:12 GMT 2011

On Wednesday 12 January 2011, Marco Martin wrote:
> Hi all,
> in the effort of make KDE packages build on the MeeGo obs, since the mobile
> profile is used there all use of deprecated functions comes immediately to
> surface, so is a quite good "debug" tool :)
> trying to make kdeedu build (will post patches to it next days) I've found
> a strange thing in kdelibs:
> the KParts/GenericFactory class is not marked as deprecated, but internally
> uses  KDEPrivate::ConcreteFactory that instead is deprecated and excluded
> from the build

Indeed. It's deprecated indeed (since kde-4.0, in practice). When we ported 
the other kgenericfactory stuff a few months ago I wanted to mark the kparts 
one as deprecated; but actually forgot to do so. Let's port more code and then 
mark it.

> now the question is: is this correct? is genericfactory still supposed to
> exist or should be porte to use something diferent than ConcreteFactory?

The code should be ported to KPluginFactory.
My script kdesdk/scripts/qt4/ can be used for this. 
I just added KParts::Factory support to it, and ported konsolepart with it, 
see r1214180. I'll do the rest of kdebase now (nsplugins and kmanpart).

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