activity API in experimental?

Jeffery MacEachern j.maceachern at
Thu Jan 13 04:12:58 GMT 2011

Since I'm "the guy" Chani mentions below, I inquired about this
yesterday and was told to ask Ivan about getting KActivityConsumer &
Friends into kdelibs/experimental. He gave me a +1, but told me to ask
about it here. Is there anything blocking this? If not, any idea when
it can be done?


 - Jeffery MacEachern

On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 03:08, Chani <chanika at> wrote:
> so... I'm starting to get people asking how they can use the activity API in
> applications - and in one case, in kdelibs.
> on the one hand, I really want to help them get started on that, I want to
> have people using the API, giving feedback, and implementing awesome features
> :)
> on the other hand... it's still changing, it's not ready for BC at all. it's
> experimental. Ivan's going to be making several changes to it this week, in
> fact.
> I *could* tell them about the raw dbus interface (for which the api -
> KActivityConsumer and friends - is just a helpful wrapper), but that feels...
> icky. It's just as prone to change (only the errors wouldn't cause crashes, I
> suppose) and they'd have to rewrite it to use KActivityConsumer later.
> we could, perhaps, move KActivityConsumer into kdelibs/experimental? if it's
> not too late? that would expose it without BC requirements (although the guy
> wanting to use it in kdelibs still couldn't, I expect?). I can't remember the
> exact implications of kdelibs/experimental, but
> seems to imply
> that we just move it in there like moving to kdereview, and the only
> requirements are to version the library properly and have a cmakelists that
> can build it as its own project.
> so, which is better for early adopters, a dbus interface or an experimental
> API? I'm leaning towards experimental, since it'll be less work for them to
> update their patches when the api does become stable.
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> Chani
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