update on KDE Platform 11dev sprint -> announing possible dates and location!

Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at kde.org
Wed Jan 5 18:45:14 GMT 2011

> if we go ahead with this time and place, this sprint will coincide with a
> Nepomuk and KDE Multimedia sprint, so it will be _quite_ the busy place,
> though i think that would be a good thing in this case as having more people

This is (from my POV) both good and bad.

Bad: I guess there are more than a few people (myself incl) who would
like to be at both events which will be impossible.

Good: We'll be all there, so the libs meeting will not be limited to
core-libs-only people - there will be plasma/nepomuk/phonon people as
well (even if not in the same room).

The 'bad' side can be avoided with some effort - if we make the
'sprint schedules' so that the most important discussions don't


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