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Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Wed Feb 2 20:14:04 GMT 2011

On Wednesday 02 February 2011, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:

> > -- and it all works out very well. Master is
> is everyone pushing their branches to the main repository, or keeping them in 
> separate cloned repositories?

Yes, to the main repository. No public clones. We might have to rething that when we have a few hundred branches -- on the other hand, branches can be deleted when done with, or we can add a datestamp or something like that.

> for kde-workspace we're seriously considering using a shared clone (not quite 
> a team clone, more like a communally abused personal clone ;) so that the 
> commit hooks don't get run on feature branches until they are ready for 
> merging (which is particularly a nuisance with commits that have BUG: in the 
> log message) but so that we can keep our development still in one easy to find 
> place.

Hm... yes -- the BUG keywoard can be tricky. We haven't encountered it yet, with people being very good about using CCBUG in the branches, and BUG in the merge commit message.

> that would make master in the clone our integration branch, and master in kde-
> workspace our shipping branch.
> i'm still working out the amount of merge work that will end up making for us, 
> though ...

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