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Wed Feb 2 20:10:30 GMT 2011

On Wednesday, February 2, 2011, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> In calligra, i was surprised to see people taking to branching like pigs to
> muck or fish to water.

yeah, they are awesome :)

> We now have 37 feature branches, of which several
> have merged to master after review already. There's a simple naming
> pattern that's become sort of the calligra culture already --
> subproject_topic_commit-name

interesting; we're doing similar in kde-workspace: commit-name/topic; most of 
the time it's clear from the topic what the subproject is, so we haven't yet 
felt the need for subproject in there. but then again, we're only on our 
fourth feature branch :)

what i'm finding nice with commit-name/topic is that i can track things easily 
by person of origin: KDE/4.6 is "official" while aseigo/activitiesrunner is 
something i'm working on. 

i can see how putting the subproject in front of that can add another nice 
layer of grouping as well. hm.. we might end up "borrowing" that strategy :)

> -- and it all works out very well. Master is

is everyone pushing their branches to the main repository, or keeping them in 
separate cloned repositories?

for kde-workspace we're seriously considering using a shared clone (not quite 
a team clone, more like a communally abused personal clone ;) so that the 
commit hooks don't get run on feature branches until they are ready for 
merging (which is particularly a nuisance with commits that have BUG: in the 
log message) but so that we can keep our development still in one easy to find 

that would make master in the clone our integration branch, and master in kde-
workspace our shipping branch.

i'm still working out the amount of merge work that will end up making for us, 
though ...

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