Initial support for kde_projects.xml in kdesrc-build

Dawit A adawit at
Wed Feb 2 03:18:12 GMT 2011

On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 6:43 PM, Michael Jansen <kde at> wrote:
>> I guess this is not really the point of your discussion, but a rather
>> a bad example you used...
> Really? I meant it as an example that without compiling kwebkitpart before
> kdebase you didn't get support for it in konqueror. Which you acknowledge if i
> read your mail correctly happened at a time in history.

No. You completely misunderstood what I said... There never was any
dependency, neither compile time nor run time, between kdebase and
kwebkitpart. Never! I have no idea why you think that we would allow a
base KDE module such as "kdebase" to depend on an optional kpart
component like "kwebkitpart".

The dependency that existed was between "extragear/base/konq-plugins"
and "extragear/base/kwebkitpart", both of which belonged to the same
module at the time. And even that depedency was an optional one. If
you did not have kwebkitpart installed before compiling konq-plugins,
then some of the plugins from "extragear/base/konq-plugins" would not
activate their support for kwebkitpart and hence you cannot use these
plugins from kwebkitpart. That was it. Not being able to use optional
plugins under an optional kpart component. Nothing more, nothing less.

As such your example is completely incorrect for this particular case.
However, I understand the larger point you are trying to about issues
related to convoluted dependencies...

Dawit A.

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