Initial support for kde_projects.xml in kdesrc-build

Michael Jansen kde at
Tue Feb 1 23:43:28 GMT 2011

> I guess this is not really the point of your discussion, but a rather
> a bad example you used...

Really? I meant it as an example that without compiling kwebkitpart before 
kdebase you didn't get support for it in konqueror. Which you acknowledge if i 
read your mail correctly happened at a time in history.

> As such you needed
> to have compiled and installed kwebkitpart to activate support for it
> in some of these konq-plugins. 

This is again not to blame someone. This was just ONE example. If it is fixed 
now ... hooray . kudos to whoever did it.

But there are still dependencies which are hard to get right.


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