proposal: remove KTextEditor interface from kdelibs repository

Sune Vuorela nospam at
Tue Feb 1 17:59:36 GMT 2011

On 2011-02-01, Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at> wrote:
> perhaps we should think about being more clear in our runtime definitions a=
> nd=20
> stricter with requiring apps to advertise their runtime expectations, so th=
> at=20
> we can go from having a huge pile of dependencies to just the requirements =
> for=20
> a given application.

I'm all for modularizing and being more clear, but it should not be done by 
tearing out parts of kdelibs to see what happens.

Identify how we want apps to communicate their runtime requirements.
Get apps to specify it using the communication way described above. This
 is for all apps built on the KDE Platform, no matter if they resides in, gitorious, launchpad or sourceforge.
Get packagers and others to test that things work
Break things apart at tarball generation. Test that things work
Break up repositories


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