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Tue Aug 16 19:10:17 BST 2011

On Tuesday 16 August 2011 19.48.39 Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> There are currently several parties interested in running builds/test.
> There is you working on Jenkins, Volker is working on setting up virtual
> machines so users can do builds in a seti at home style, and Marcus is trying
> to see how cdash at home could fit for KDE.
> It would be good to coordinate the plans of the different people in some
> way. Should we do this on kde-buildsystem or somewhere else ?

Anywhere is fine with me, but as we already have started (sort of) in kde-
buildsystem lets stay there.

(My view on the below might be biased as I'm pushing for the CI solution)
> Do we want to set up machines which build everythings regularly ?

I don't realy see the point of this if (almost) every commit is built.
Then those machines would only build stuff that is already built elsewhere.

It is essentially a continious setup with a big polling window.

> Or do we want to find users interested in specific applications or libs
> setting up builds just for this one part ?

The issue with this as I see it would be to ensure that they all use a valid 

> How do we want to deal with covering different build options ?

Idealy every combination should be checked, but in reality I don't know. It 
will be quite hard to descide what combinations to try as the number of 
possibilities are almost endless.

> And how about the different operating systems we support ?

Best case scenario would be a farm of machines (VMs?) that are triggered by a 
commit and build on every supported platform. Sort of parallell CI.

> Do we care more about fast turn around times for continuous builds and
> targeted email notifications (so I get an email really fast if I broke
> something), or are we more interested in getting complete builds done from
> time to time ?

What is preventing both of these? A continious build machine will do a the 
equivivalent of a full build just that it does it in chunks. As for turnarond 
times, that depends on the participating HW and setups.

There is some work to go as the state of our (at least the modules I've tried) 
unit tests are poor.

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