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> 7) (Getting rid of) kdeinit
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> There was a discussion about what makes a KDE application different from a
> non-KDE application. One thing is kdeinit, which is used to speed up load
> time of applications by running a daemon (kdeinit) which is linked against a
> set of shared libraries, and which dlopen()s the applications (i.e. their
> plugin) instead of simply executing them normally.
> - somebody (Volker ?) said that this speedup is still very much needed,
> especially on slower platforms, e.g. tablets
> - Dirk mentioned that at least on Linux, when building PIE executables
> (position independent executables), executables can be loaded also as shared
> object, and our special buildsystem magic would not be required anymore. But
> this would work only on Linux, with kernels >= 2.6.10 (or so, i.e. already
> since a few years).
> - on Windows kdeinit is not used at all
> - there was nobody there who knew exactly about the situation on OSX
> - not sure about FreeBSD
> Proposal: get rid of our build magic to create kdeinit modules, and simply
> create PIE executables on platforms that support it (i.e. at least Linux, no
> problem for Windows), keeping the advantages we have there.

somebody said it's still important/needed, then dirk said we don't need it
because of PIE executables on linux?  Are we (cmake, etc.) building kde as
PIE on linux already?

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