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On Tuesday 16 August 2011, Torgny Nyblom wrote:
> On Monday 15 August 2011 23.31.26 Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> [...]
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> > 8) Testing
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> > 
> > We shortly discussed testing, continuous builds and nightly builds.
> > I hope Volker (or somebody) can write a better summary.
> > Volker has a prototype for easily running VM-based builds on
> > Linux-machines, which contribute their results to a cdash dashboard.
> > Marcus introduced us to cdash at home, which has a similar purpose, i.e.
> > make it very easy for people to contribute their machine as a
> > continuous-build host to a project.
> > It seems there is growing interest in establishing structured testing for
> > KDE, also highlighted by Till's talk "The limits of portability".
> > More details to come...
> Don't forget that there is a trial up and running on
> This is a Jenkins installation that is currently triggered by the commit
> hooks and do continious build + test of kdelibs (KDE/4.7), kde-runtime
> (master), kdepimlibs (master), kdepim (master) and kdepim-runtime
> (master).
> The plan is to expand this to all (former) modules and atleast the stable
> and master branches.
> Any feedback regarding this site would be appreciated.

There are currently several parties interested in running builds/test.
There is you working on Jenkins, Volker is working on setting up virtual 
machines so users can do builds in a seti at home style, and Marcus is trying to 
see how cdash at home could fit for KDE.
It would be good to coordinate the plans of the different people in some way.
Should we do this on kde-buildsystem or somewhere else ?

Do we want to set up machines which build everythings regularly ?
Or do we want to find users interested in specific applications or libs 
setting up builds just for this one part ?
How do we want to deal with covering different build options ?
And how about the different operating systems we support ?
Do we care more about fast turn around times for continuous builds and 
targeted email notifications (so I get an email really fast if I broke 
something), or are we more interested in getting complete builds done from 
time to time ?

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