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Tue Aug 16 18:30:06 BST 2011

On Monday 15 August 2011 23.31.26 Alexander Neundorf wrote:
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> 8) Testing
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> We shortly discussed testing, continuous builds and nightly builds.
> I hope Volker (or somebody) can write a better summary.
> Volker has a prototype for easily running VM-based builds on Linux-machines,
> which contribute their results to a cdash dashboard.
> Marcus introduced us to cdash at home, which has a similar purpose, i.e. make
> it very easy for people to contribute their machine as a continuous-build
> host to a project.
> It seems there is growing interest in establishing structured testing for
> KDE, also highlighted by Till's talk "The limits of portability".
> More details to come...

Don't forget that there is a trial up and running on

This is a Jenkins installation that is currently triggered by the commit hooks 
and do continious build + test of kdelibs (KDE/4.7), kde-runtime (master), 
kdepimlibs (master), kdepim (master) and kdepim-runtime (master).

The plan is to expand this to all (former) modules and atleast the stable and 
master branches.

Any feedback regarding this site would be appreciated.

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