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David Faure faure at
Wed Aug 10 00:05:53 BST 2011

On Monday 08 August 2011 00:42:50 Scott Kitterman wrote:
> On Saturday, August 06, 2011 09:32:02 AM David Faure wrote:
> ..
> > The next step is to backport the few bits of new api that went into master
> > and that application developers started using, into the 4.7 branch of
> > kdelibs. I'll work on that, but help is welcome too.
> ...
> This plan seems to be contrary to the KDE Point Release Policy [1].  At this
> point I don't see an easy way out, but it would be good if a cutoff point
> for these additional API changes in 4.7 could be set (perhaps no later than
> 4.7.1's release).
> [1]

Under some conditions, the policy allows new API in a stable branch.
We decided that these conditions were met :-)

(IIRC there were only three, and they were rather minor and safe; a KUrl::List 
constructor, a new exported method, a new signal)

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