Review request: Kcmgrub2

Raphael Kubo da Costa kubito at
Wed Apr 6 19:01:32 BST 2011

Alberto Mattea <alberto at> writes:

> In data mercoledì 6 aprile 2011 00:28:21, Raphael Kubo da Costa ha scritto:
>> Buildsystem-wise:
>>   * I did not understand why you used include() instead of
>> find_package() in, for example,
>>       include(FindPyQt4)
> Actually I used an article on the KDE wiki as an example, I didn't know it 
> wasn't the standard way of doing it. Now it's fixed.

There are some add_subdirectory() calls before the find_package() ones,
so you might end up trying to build those directories before checking
all the dependencies.

You might also want to consider using KDE's
macro_optional_find_package() together with macro_log_feature(), so you
show a list of all the dependencies which have or have not been found
instead of failing at the first one.

I remember some discussions before about build-time and runtime
dependencies in applications written in Python, but I can't remember the
outcome. Someone with a distro hat should have more information about

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