Review request: Kcmgrub2

Alberto Mattea alberto at
Wed Apr 6 14:03:03 BST 2011

Hi, thanks for the review.

In data mercoledì 6 aprile 2011 00:28:21, Raphael Kubo da Costa ha scritto:
> Alberto Mattea <alberto at> writes:
> > Hi all,
> > after 4 releases I think kcmgrub2 has reached an acceptable level of
> > maturity, so I'd ask for a move to kdereview. It is currently in
> > playground-sysadmin (git).
> I only took a quick look, as my Py{Qt,KDE}-fu is not that good.
> Buildsystem-wise:
>   * I did not understand why you used include() instead of
> find_package() in, for example,
>       include(FindPyQt4)

Actually I used an article on the KDE wiki as an example, I didn't know it 
wasn't the standard way of doing it. Now it's fixed.

>   * It's probably a good idea to add some kind of README for packagers
> explaining what the dependencies are.

Ok, done.

> Licensing-wise:
>   * Don't you need to add the appropriate license header to your code
> files?

Yep :-). Done.

> As for itself:
>   * It might be better to set the WhatsThis values in the .ui file
> itself.

Well, I thought about this, but ultimately I chose to put them in the code so 
that in the future I may make them dynamic (example: if python-xlib is not 
available explain why in the resolution whatsthis).

>   * `x' is not a good name for a global variable.

You're right, I changed it to xlibAvailable.

Thanks again,

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