Review request: Kcmgrub2

Raphael Kubo da Costa kubito at
Tue Apr 5 23:28:21 BST 2011

Alberto Mattea <alberto at> writes:

> Hi all,
> after 4 releases I think kcmgrub2 has reached an acceptable level of maturity,
> so I'd ask for a move to kdereview. It is currently in playground-sysadmin
> (git).

I only took a quick look, as my Py{Qt,KDE}-fu is not that good.


  * I did not understand why you used include() instead of
find_package() in, for example,


  * It's probably a good idea to add some kind of README for packagers
explaining what the dependencies are.


  * Don't you need to add the appropriate license header to your code

As for itself:

  * It might be better to set the WhatsThis values in the .ui file
  * `x' is not a good name for a global variable.

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