Knights moved to kdereview

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Wed Sep 22 19:57:00 BST 2010

A Dimecres, 22 de setembre de 2010, Miha Čančula va escriure:
> Hello!
> I moved Knights, the KDE4 chess board program, to kdereview. It supports
> two players on the same computer, playing against a computer program, or
> playing on the Free Internet Chess Server. It is also themable, and there
> are already themes for in on
> Currently it includes #ifdef-s for availability of KGameRenderer to make it
> compile on KDE 4.5 and earlier. I suppose is not needed in kde's svn, but
> I can remove them easily.
> I would like to move the program to kdegames, but if people disagree I have
> no problems with extragear. I know they are reluctant to accept new games
> currently.

You have i18n calls in proto/*.cpp files but your ignores them.

    foreach ( const Pos& pos, pieces.keys() ) // krazy:exclude=foreach
        addPiece ( pieces[pos].second, pieces[pos].first, pos );
is a super slow construct and krazy was telling you not to do that. Please 
move it to an iterator based loop so that it is much faster

The same applies for
./rules/chessrules.cpp:71:  foreach ( const Pos& pos, m_grid->keys() )
./rules/chessrules.cpp:315: foreach ( const Pos& attackingPos, grid->keys() )

You are using libkdegames so you should load libkdegames message catalog, see 
other games on how to do it.

Also knights fails to start here, can't find themes and crashes after lots of
knights(6193)/libkdegames KGameRendererPrivate::setTheme: Theme change failed: 
Desktop file broken
knights(6193)/libkdegames KGameTheme::load: Refusing to load theme with no 
knights(6193)/libkdegames KGameRenderer::setTheme: Setting theme: "default"
knights(6193)/libkdegames KGameTheme::load: Attempting to load .desktop at ""

Other KGameTheme based games like kmines work.


> Thanks in advance for any review and comments,
> Miha

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